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Your leadership qualities, intellectual curiosity and interpersonal skills are what we look out for. Wherever you are in your career, we’ll help you maximise your personal and professional growth and learning opportunities – so that you can make a difference.


A Place To Thrive And Excel

Our brand name has its advantages. You will discover this as you gain easier access to industry leaders and work with the investment world’s best. At every career level, we continuously groom both leadership talent and subject matter expertise.

We are looking for experienced professionals who will bring different perspectives to GIC. If you are searching for an organization that values your views and your passions, come meet us.

How We Hire

Step 1

Find where you fit best: Start by matching your skills and interests to our available positions. Revisit your achievements, goals, past experiences and responsibilities; and why you are choosing to build your career with us. 

Step 2

What we look out for: We are looking for strong leaders who can inspire co-workers, lead by example and demonstrate expertise in our business and interests; so tell us about your decision-making processes. 

Step 3

Onboarding programme: This comprehensive guide to your first 100 days with us will help you settle into your new role. It’s our way of saying, “Welcome to GIC!”. 

Quick Facts About Us

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GIC Professionals Programme (GPP)

The GIC Professionals Programme is a full-time permanent opportunity with GIC, which kicks-off with an 8-month training and rotation programme. This is designed to jumpstart your career in the world of investments, where you will gain unparalleled learning experiences and the opportunity to contribute to the Singapore’s financial future.

Who Is This For?

Final year students

Applications are now open and will close on 17 December 2021

Apply Here: Investment Groups Corporate Services


The programme consists of an intensive few weeks of classroom training followed by three business rotations, to gain technical skills and a comprehensive introduction to GIC. After which, in-depth specialisation in your identified role begins.


Through each rotation, a dedicated supervisor will craft a meaningful work plan to maximise your on-the-job learning. You will also be assigned an MD mentor for personal and professional development and guidance.


We take a long-term and ongoing approach to your development, equipping you for the long run. Continue to hone your skills, as you renew and reinvent yourself to be future-ready.

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GIC Internship Programme (GIP)

A 12-week summer or off-cycle internship, with the possibility of a full-time conversion to GPP after graduation.

Our internship programme promises to be a steep learning curve. Tap on the knowledge and deep expertise of seasoned professionals as you work on live projects that create a real impact.

Who Is This For?

Penultimate year students

Applications are now open and will close on 17 December 2021

Apply Here: Investment Groups Corporate Services


We strive to understand your interests, talents and aspirations throughout the selection process. This helps us to develop a customised, comprehensive programme to give you the best experiences and learning outcomes.


Network with GIC professionals, our partners and counterparties to broaden as well as deepen your knowledge. Build bonds with fellow interns as you navigate the transition from school to our workplace.


At the end of the internship, you may gain a place in the GIC Professionals Programme to springboard your career in the exciting world of investments.

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GIC Scholarship Programme (GSP)

Gain a scholarship to a reputable university of your choice. This programme opens doors to a dynamic career at GIC, where you will be part of a team that is engaged in impactful work in the fast-paced world of investments.

Who Is This For?

Pre-tertiary students

Early cycle applications opens 12 July 2021 and closes 12 November 2021. You can use your preliminary results if available or predicted ‘A’ Level/IB Programme results. Male applicants who will have to enlist for National Service may prefer to apply during the early cycle.

Apply now on BrightSparks


Our scholarship provides you the freedom to choose from a diverse range of courses. We believe that hiring people across disciplines cultivates a diversity of perspectives for GIC to thrive.


You will be provided with a nurturing environment to develop your potential. This would include structured internships and graduate programmes, job rotations, networking opportunities and mentorship.


You will be supported in the pursuit of your passions and quest for knowledge. This open mindset exposes you to an abundance of opportunities and roles that lets you discover a career path aligned with your talents and aspirations.

Becoming A GIC Scholar

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