Creating Impact in Communities

At GIC, we seek to build more confident and inclusive communities. We do that by empowering our employees to put GIC’s values into action and co-create positive impact with our community partners.


GIC collaborates with like-minded organizations to design and deliver community programmes that champion education.

Through education, we believe that individuals can become confident leaders who can actively contribute to the community. This sparks a multiplier effect on various members of society to be changemakers and create long-term impact.

Learn more about our programmes below.

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GIC Sparks and Smiles

GIC Sparks empowers Singaporean youths from high-needs households to be changemakers who want to pay it forward in their own communities. We support our Sparks recipients with volunteering experiences, skills and opportunities to become confident leaders and contributors to the community.

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The Purple Symphony

We partner The Purple Symphony, Singapore’s largest inclusive orchestra, to provide persons with special needs and disadvantaged backgrounds with equal opportunities to develop their musical talent and grow in confidence over the long term.

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GIC X Change

GIC X Change is a mentorship and volunteering programme where like-minded GIC mentors and youth mentees come together to develop community service projects that are asset-based and build on strengths of the community.

Differently Abled Programme

GIC is a member of Singapore Network of Disability and participates in mentorship programmes to enhance the employability of individuals with special needs. Our employees mentor students with various disabilities, and we support SG Enable’s internship programme for these students to be deployed as interns in GIC. This stems from our belief that an inclusive environment will yield exceptional contribution, and our commitment to integrating diversity and inclusion in our People practices.


GIC actively supports employees across our global offices through donation-matching schemes and volunteer leave provision so they are empowered to create positive impact in the communities where they work and live.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, GICians have stepped up to lead and participate in various ground-up activities under the ‘With Love, GIC’ movement to support those in need. Since 2020, over 100 projects have been completed by more than 200 staff volunteers, to impact the lives of over 14,000 members of the community. 

Read more about these projects below.

Helping the Homeless

Daniel Porto, San Francisco

Following the onset of COVID-19, Daniel worked together with Martin de Porres House of Hospitality (Martin’s), to provide essential sanitation and food to a vulnerable community – the homeless. With public restrooms closed and Martin’s facing a manpower strain due to a halt in volunteer activities because of the pandemic, Daniel worked with Martin’s to source and distribute 1,400 bottles of hand sanitisers and meals to the homeless every Thursday for eight weeks.

“The city lockdown orders have made life even more difficult for vulnerable groups in San Francisco. It was great to be able to supply hand sanitisers and meals to those who need it, but do not have means of acquiring it themselves. Many thanks to GIC for supporting this project.” – Daniel Porto

Martin de Porres is a free restaurant in downtown San Francisco, serving meals seven days a week to those in need with the mission of serving in the spirit of compassion, understanding and love.

Enabling Digital Inclusion

Keiko Machida, Tokyo

As part of our global ground-up staff volunteering efforts, our colleagues from the Japan office, purchased laptops and hard drives, and collected refurbished devices, to be donated to disadvantaged students who do not have access to devices for online learning. The devices were distributed through a community partner, the General Incorporated Association JISPO to students in elementary and junior high schools in Japan.

“With the spread of COVID-19, schools had to be closed and schooling went virtual. This meant that students without access to devices were also unable to access online learning. This led us to come together as a team and procure devices to support some of these students through this difficult period.” – Keiko Machida

The General Incorporated Association JISPO focuses on inclusive education programmes for youths in Japan. One of the ways they do this is to collect unused computers from corporates and refurbish them for use by the young learners they engage with.

Providing Groceries to Families

Tham Yan Ping, Singapore

In the spirit of giving back, GICians have been leading ground-up projects to support communities affected by COVID-19. GICian Tham Yan Ping partnered with Beyond Social Services (Beyond) to arrange the procurement and distribution of grocery packs to over 150 low-income families supported by Beyond. Each pack is expected to last for one month and contains necessities such as cleaning products and food, which were selected in consultation with the families.

“We hope that the grocery packs will provide some degree of food security to families in need during these difficult times. A big thank you to our community partner, Beyond, who ensured the packs were distributed safely and efficiently during the circuit breaker period.” – Tham Yan Ping

Beyond Social Services is a charity dedicated to helping children and youths from less privileged backgrounds break away from the poverty cycle. Beyond provides guidance, care and resources that enables families and communities to keep their young people in school and out of trouble.


We have a strong emphasis on continual learning within GIC, adopting a growth mindset when it comes to developing our people. We apply that same approach externally, creating customised experiences that promote the understanding of long-term investing among youths in Singapore and beyond.


Safehouse is an experiential game of trade-offs. Players will experience first-hand key investing principles such as risk diversification and value-versus-price – drawn from the GIC experience of safeguarding Singapore’s reserves.

The Last Reserve

The Last Reserve is a 15-episode mobile-enabled online game interwoven with GIC’s investing principles. The objective is to preserve and grow the limited resources as you navigate an uncertain terrain.

GIC Learning Journey

GIC Learning Journey is a walkabout tour of GIC that sheds light on our history as the first non-commodity based country to have a sovereign wealth fund, our contributions to Singapore, and our investment principles and process.