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Together, we unite in the pursuit of a common goal – to secure Singapore’s financial future, by preserving and enhancing the power of the reserves under our management. Ready for a rewarding career with us? Discover the possibilities with GIC.


Economics & Investment Strategy

We are responsible for analysing expected returns of asset classes and the macro outlook that affects the investment environment – continually refining the guiding framework of all portfolio activities to enable consistently good decisions at the highest levels.

External Managers

We partner astute external managers who can diversify and maximise our portfolio’s total market value over market cycles, while managing interim risks. As specialists exposed to capability-growth opportunities, we foster flexibility in our approach and generate a healthy cross-pollination of ideas with other teams.

Fixed Income

We aim to enhance capital preservation through diversification. Our investment universe spans multiple sectors such as interest rates, credit, emerging markets, collateralised bonds, convertible bonds, global currencies and equities.


The team manages infrastructure assets with stable and predictable cash flows, long-term inflation protection and reasonable risk-adjusted returns. We deploy long-term capital through direct and fund investments across the capital structure to diversify our portfolio.

Integrated Strategies Group

By up-sizing high quality investments, engaging unconventional partners and structures, and exploring innovative investment themes, we enhance GIC’s alpha-generating capability and capacity. As a flexible and collaborative team, our members have gained significant exposure to diverse sectors, regions and deal structures.

Portfolio Execution Group​

Our professionals ensure that trades are effectively executed in the multiple markets globally in which GIC operates, our investment strategies are funded and hedged, and our total portfolio is rebalanced efficiently. PEG is also our centre of excellence for quantitative research on market microstructure and for investment implementation solutions.

Private Equity

Keeping pace with the growing diversity and complexity of private equity, our global portfolio is diversified across six continents. Some of our investments also include mezzanine financing, opportunistic credit and private equity secondaries. We also invest across the economy, including consumer, technology and healthcare sectors.

Public Equities​

We generate sustainable, superior returns through active investments across global equity markets. Strategies include relative return strategies, absolute return strategies and quantitative strategies. We also work closely with our private market colleagues to uncover and explore any white space under-invested by both teams.

Real Estate​

As a leading global real estate investment team, we invest across the retail, office, hospitality, residential, logistics, student housing and emerging sectors. Despite delivering returns today, we have a strong focus on data-driven decisions and constantly anticipate disruptive technology and trends to be prepared for the future.

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Corporate Administration & Infrastructure

Our team manages a range of services and promotes excellence in areas such as Corporate Workplace Management, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, and Business Continuity Management to digitise and enhance our workplace environment and experience.

Corporate Affairs & Communications

The team plays a key role in influencing all lines of corporate communications both within and outside GIC. We are responsible for managing corporate affairs, branding and reputation, and all communications with key stakeholders, including our Client, the general public, media and employees.

Data and Technology​

We spearhead innovation and transformation to create a competitive advantage in the market. Adopting and investing in cutting-edge data science techniques, automation in business processes, advanced infrastructure solutions and sophisticated security solutions allow us to bring greater efficiencies to challenging business problems.

Governance & Client Relations​

We serve as the primary point of contact – managing the relationships, overall communications and engagement efforts with our Client, the Government of Singapore and client stakeholders, and also support the Company Secretary in governance and administrative matters.

Human Resource & Organization​

Championing a people agenda, we strive and seek to support our people through sustainable practices and create a conducive environment where they can build a rewarding career, while impacting the future of Singapore.

Internal Audit

We provide independent assurance on the adequacy of risk management, control and governance processes, and also – are one of the first in the audit community to adopt data science and analytics to drive a more efficient and robust control environment.

Investment Services Private Markets

We provide investment services for the Private Equity, Infrastructure and Real Estate businesses, as well as financial management across the GIC Group. Our scope of services cover deal execution & closing, tax advisory, investment operations, investment holding structures, and valuation. In addition, we deliver financial performance through financial planning, operations, accounting and reporting and deliver operational excellence through leveraging data and technology.

Investment Services Public Markets

We are the business manager and execution partner for our Public Market assets. As GIC’s investment engineering powerhouse, we ensure excellence in collateral management, pricing and rates, and rebalancing operations for greater optimisation and productivity.

Legal & Compliance

We protect and advance the interests of both GIC and our Client by conscientiously advising on and managing legal, regulatory, compliance and reputational risks. By collaborating with the world’s top law firms, we help structure, negotiate and execute GIC’s largest and most complex deals across all asset classes.

Risk & Performance Management

Our holistic, forward-looking risk perspective is examined at the enterprise level and keeps GIC on track to achieve our Client’s return objective. We work collaboratively across teams to help guard against blind spots and establish that all risks are adequately considered.

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